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Kerala motor vehicle department issues notice to actress Amala Paul

She is believed to have paid a road tax of Rs 1.75 lakh in Pondicherry, but would have had to pay Rs 20 lakhs more, if she had registered her luxury car in Kerala.  

Manigandan KR

The Kerala Motor Vehicles Department has served a notice to actress Amala Paul in a tax evasion case. Amala had allegedly registered her new luxury car in Pondicherry using a false address, in a bid to escape paying a Road Tax of Rs20 lakhs to the Kerala government.

The actress is believed to have bought a Mercedes Benz car for Rs1.12 crore, in August, from a car dealer in Chennai. Amala resides in Kerala but the car has been registered in Pondicherry as the road tax to be paid in a Union Territory is much less than what one has to pay in a state. She is believed to have paid a Road Tax of Rs 1.75 lakh, but would have had to pay Rs 20 lakhs more, if she had registered the vehicle in Kerala.  

If one is to go by the Kerala Motor Vehicles Act, vehicles that are plying in Kerala but are registered in other states/union territories have to be registered in Kerala too within a year, which costs the owner 20% of the vehicle's cost. 

According to media reports, Amala used a false address to register her vehicle in Pondicherry. The address was traced to a student who has categorically stated that he does not know Amala.

Sources claim that lieutenant governor of Puducherry, Kiran Bedi, has issued directions to a senior superintendent of Police in Pondycherry to investigate the matter and initiate a suitable action within the fortnight.