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Akshaye Khanna, Sonakshi Sinha urge people not to reveal Ittefaq suspense

In a video, actor Khanna is seen strongly suspecting the actress of being the one who could reveal the spoiler in the film.

Mayur Lookhar

The makers of Ittefaq have come up with a dramatised video, urging people not to reveal the spoiler in the their upcoming film which is a remake of the 1969 film of the same name.

In the video, actor Akshaye Khanna is seen strongly suspecting actress Sonakshi Sinha of being the one who could reveal the spoiler in the film.

“I don’t trust you. Your whole life is on social media. Kya khaya, kya pehna, kab roi, jab soyi, kab Dubai, for the sake of ‘like’ you might reveal the spoiler," Akshaye is heard saying in the video.

“Just because I’m not saying anything, that doesn’t mean you sit on my head. I agree that I post selfies, Sunday, Monday, but never before have I put up any spoilers. Beside, spoilers only get dislikes,” chided Sinha.

The two actors will be seen in the new Ittefaq, which will be released on 3 November. Both of them urged all to refrain from putting any spoilers on social media.

Ittefaq is the remake of Yash Chopra’s 1969 suspense thriller that starred Rajesh Khanna, Nanda, Bindu and Iftekhar. That film saw Rajesh's character being accused of his wife’s murder.  

Dilip Roy (Rajesh) is sent to a medical centre for psychological analysis, where he escapes and takes refuge in stranger, Rekha’s (Nanda) house. While Rekha lies to the police about his hiding, Dilip wakes up in the morning to discover the body of a young man in the house. He suspects that the man killed could be Rekha’s husband. Subsequent twists and turns reveal a surprise killer.

Near five decades later, Dharma Productions has bought the rights of the film, which will be directed by BR Chopra’s grandson Abhay Chopra. BR Chopra had produced the original. The new Ittefaq also stars Sidharth Malhotra, apart from Sinha and Akshaye.

The surge of social media has made it a challenge for filmmakers to hide the suspense factor in the film.

Watch Akshaye and Sinha's plea below.