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Secret Superstar song 'Nachdi Phira': Meghna Mishra chips in with rocking performance

The 15-year-old's powerful voice, Kausar Munir’s inspirational lyrics, and Amit Trivedi’s soft rock tune make this a delightful number.

Mayur Lookhar

After the first couple of tracks ('Main Kaun Hoon' and 'Meri Pyaari Ammi') for Secret Superstar, lyricist Kausar Munir and music director Amit Trivedi were found rather wanting with the subsequent numbers. The duo, however, have struck prime form once again with the 'Nachdi Phira' track.

The Secret Superstar makers unveiled the latest track today and it is one that will leave you in awe of the precocious talent of 15-year-old Meghna Mishra.

The girl has chipped in with perhaps her finest performance of the film's album. What makes the song special is that not for a moment does Mishra falter in her sur (note). The true quality of a singer Is reflected in the range of her voice, and how swiftly she can move from low to high and vice-versa.

Despite her tender age Mishra sings with ease. Perhaps the 'Main Kaun Hoon' track had better lyrics, but as a singer Mishra shines with 'Nachdi Phira'. One can just get lost in the power of her voice without paying any attention to the lyrics. Her performance deserves a standing ovation.

There is no need to mention the lip-synching skills of Zaira Wasim, but where the young actress is very good is at feeling and expressing the soul of the track. Zaira and Mishra, two teenagers who seem like a creative pair made in heaven.

Kausar Munir has penned another inspirational track that urges you to dream. Though not poetic, the lyrics play out perfectly to the visuals (Insiya dreaming of winning the reality show). And Amit Trivedi provides a gripping score to go with the inspirational lyrics and powerful singing. A certain portion in the antara is reminiscent of Western music from the 1970s. That, though, is no criticism as Trivedi has produced a delightful soft rock tune. 

Watch 'Nachdi Phira' and feel a sense of euphoria:

Secret Superstar is set to be released on 19 October. You can predict the film's box-office performance here