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Why Vidya Balan didn't have the guts to perform on ‘Hawa Hawai’: Watch making

The actress recalls her fun experience while shooting the song from Tumhari Sulu. 

Photo: Shutterbugs Images

Keyur Seta

The makers of Tumhari Sulu have released the behind-the-scenes video of the song ‘Hawa Hawai,’ which is a reprised version of the popular song from Mr India (1987). Hawa Hawai has become one of Sridevi's most iconic dance songs over the years. 

So it was no surprise that Vidya was dreading stepping into Sridevi’s shoes initially. “I worship Sridevi. Even if it was paying a tribute to her, I didn’t had the guts (to appear in the song),” she said in the making video. 

But once she agreed to do the number, it turned out to be loads of fun. She looks she she just let go and enjoyed the dance steps, with Neha Dhupia and RJ Malishka for company.

 “I love this song. I think the choreography is great fun. I am in a saree. I thought it would be very difficult to do these kind of steps in a saree. But I figured it’s not. But I have sweat bucket loads. Khoon paseene ki kamai,” she added. 

Malishka informs that the song comes in when Sulu visits the radio station after she becomes a successful RJ. “She enters this radio station. We all dance for her but she is reluctant. Then she starts dancing and the whole radio station is dancing,” she said. 

Vidya highlights how important it was for them to enjoy the song. "'Hawa Hawai' is all about enjoying yourself. So, do whatever. Of course there was choreography. Of course there were directives. But we just had to be enjoying ourselves. And trust me, I have never enjoyed dancing as much as I have on ‘Hawa Hawai,’” she signed off. 

Watch the making: