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Sayani Gupta supports #MeToo anti-sexual-harassment campaign

The actress said we must not be silent spectators whether it happens to us or someone else, and whether it happens in public places or private.

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Actress Sayani Gupta has come forward in support of the ongoing #MeToo campaign on social media through a short video which sheds light on how women need to speak up against sexual harassment.

#MeToo is a global campaign, with women from different quarters of the world sharing their tryst with sexual harassment.

Gupta's video has a song titled 'Make It Happen' with the motive of empowering and encouraging people suffering in life. The song has been sung by Paula while the video has been directed by Sarang Sathe.

"With the recent MeToo campaign that has bombarded the internet, one thing is surely out in the open, that there is no exception to harassment. Every girl in India gets harassed at some point in their lives and mostly multiple times, irrespective of class, milieu, social strata and age," Gupta said in a statement.

The actress also spoke about the fact that it is not just women who are sexually exploited, but some men also go through the ordeal.

"Lots of young boys also face similar situations. But, unfortunately, we as a society tend to shove it under the carpet, maintain a hush-hush around it, and are even advised by our families in many cases to not make a hue and cry about it and just endure it silently. This needs to stop now," said the Jolly LLB 2 (2017) actress.

"We will not be silent. We will not be a quiet spectator of harassment whether it happens to us or someone else. Whether it happens in the streets, in buses, trains, on the footpath, our homes, at our workplace, we cannot let it continue to happen."

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