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Firangi song 'Oye Firangi': Kapil Sharma has a ball as the desi firangi

This sweet Sunidhi Chauhan track gives a sneak peak into the life of the village simpleton Manga.

Mayur Lookhar

After a fairly impressive trailer, the makers of Firangi have launched their first song, 'Oye Firangi', which is equally impressive.

Penned by Dr Devendra Kafir, the song gives a sneak peak into the life of Manga (Kapil Sharma). Here is a simpleton whose life changes when he gets hired by the British Raj in the police force.

The authorities, however, give Manga neither a gun nor a baton. He has been hired mainly to do odd jobs, most notably kick butts for therapeutic purposes.

The innocent guy, however, loves his job. He is exposed to English culture, particularly ballroom dancing, and dreams of taking his love Sargi (Ishita Dutta) to a ball.

Innocence Is writ large on Manga’s face when he dresses up and leaves for his first day at work. Though Manga is basking in his newfound glory, the song is more about the simple, innocent man landing up in a place where he doesn’t quit fit in.

The lyrics are backed by fine, soft pop music, which perhaps didn’t exist in those times. But composer Jatin Shah deserves credit for scoring a fine, rhythmical number.

Sunidhi Chauhan does full justice to the song and the characters of both Sargi and Manga. She is particularly impressive with the Punjabi verse.

'Oye Firangi' might be a great melody, but its visuals and music still hook you for its duration.

Watch the track below:

Firangi is set to be released on 24 November. You can predict the film's box-office performance here.