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The aura you create about being an actor is bullshit if you can't act: Arshad Warsi

The actor opens up about his ease of switching between roles and his chemistry with Naseeruddin Shah despite their completely different methods.

Suparna Thombare

Arshad Warsi’s recent release Golmaal Again is on its way to becoming one of the biggest hits of 2017, and the team has been busy celebrating the success.

Warsi, who has found success in comedy roles in the Munna Bhai films, the two Ishqiya movies, Jolly LLB (2013), and the Golmaal franchise, among others, says comedy does not come easily to him despite all the years of experience and the success. “Comedy is not easy," he said frankly. "It’s a pain in the ass. It tires you, exhausts you. It will never get easy.”

The actor believes that what comes easily to him is switching from one character to another, and from one film to another. “I can shoot an Irada (2017), do my scene, change my shirt, and do Golmaal Again. Same day, same time, no problem!" 

Warsi thinks his ease in switching roles comes from the fact that he has no method as an actor. “A lot of people make a lot of noise [regarding their preparation for a role] about nothing," he said. "And others do their job straightaway.

"I could complicate the shit out of it by telling you the amount of effort I put into each role and how I study or read books about it, I go into my cave for like five days, and I don’t breathe and I don’t shit and I don’t do anything. But that’s bullshit. I know actors who get into that thing, but you get nothing out of that.”

Warsi, though, has worked with Naseeruddin Shah, who loves to do readings and rehearsals, and the actor says they have found an amazing chemistry. “Naseer saheb loves reading, but he knows I don’t, so we never did readings. But he says he loves to act with me,” said Warsi.

“When I finished Ishqiya (2010), and last day of shoot I gave him a big tight hug and said, ‘Thanks Naseer saheb. It’s been a pleasure and I really enjoyed working with you.' And he told me, ‘Arshad, after many years I was on my toes as an actor’, which is a huge compliment coming from someone like him. He liked the way I acted. He has a completely different method and form of working. And its great... it’s fine!

“What is the most important thing? That you do your job right. Say you are a chef and you got amazing plates and great cutlery, but your food sucks. It’s a waste — all the hoo-ha you put around it. And the aura that you have created about being an actor is all bullshit if you can't act. Look at the picture, not the frame. Some people have a great frame, but a horrible picture," he remarked.