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Ribbon song ‘Charkha Ghoom Raha Hai’: Rock tale of fast-paced urban life

The song, featuring Kalki Koechlin from the main cast, speaks about urban life and its inexorable pace.

Keyur Seta

The word ‘charkha’ hasn't been used much in Hindi film songs. The last popular track to feature the word, though with a different meaning, was probably the classic ‘Chappa Chappa Charkha Chale’ from Gulzar’s Maachis (1996). Now, we have ‘Charkha Ghoom Raha Hai’ from the upcoming Ribbon.

The song initially appears to be your typical Hindi rock number. It has the normal setting of a singer performing while an audience gets involved. But we soon realize the deeper meaning the song is conveying. Ribbon deals with the issue of pregnancy and its consequences for today’s young, harried urban couples. The song highlights the fact that life is moving ahead inexorably (hence, ‘charkha ghoom raha hai’, or the wheel is turning). The lyrics are by DR Sagar. 

The song only features Kalki Koechlin from the main cast. We are shown visuals from the film's trailer, which go well with the lyrics. Aniket Mangrulkar has brought the right flavour to the number. Mikey McCleary, the composer, has given the track a soothing rock effect.

Ribbon is Rakhee Sandilya’s directorial debut. She was assistant director on Main Aur Mr Right (2014). Also starring Sumeet Vyas, Ribbon is set to be released on 3 November. You can predict the film's box-office performance here.

Watch the song: