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Social media connects ailing Shah Rukh Khan fan with the star

The superstar posts a video wishing the lady, a fan, speedy recovery through his Twitter account. 

Mayur Lookhar

Socal media has made the stars accessible to fans. Apart from the usual fan interaction, social media has emerged as powerful medium to reach out to the biggest of stars. A senior citizen battling cancer got some words of encouragement from none other than Shah Rukh Khan himself. This after social media reached out to the actor telling Khan how despite being sick, the lady aspired to meet him. 

Aruna, who is a blogger based in Delhi is suffering from cancer. A popular blogger, she wrote in her blog, as a means to cope with the disease. 

Despite being a fan, Aruna had not expected the message to reach the superstar. However, a Twitter user tagged Shah Rukh Khan in her message requesting the superstar if he could meet the ailing patient. 

As more such requests flowed in, Khan reached out to the ailing lady. Posting a video uploaded by a fan, the Raees (2017) actor said, " I' m made to understand through your son Aksha and daughter Priyanka that you are fighting with an illness. Me, my family, all our friends, whoever knows about you is praying for your wellness. Your family, well wishers on social media have brought to my notice that you are fighting a serious ailment.” said Khan in the video, 

Lauding her gusto, fighting spirit, Khan added, “I know for sure, all these messages, and especially your messages, you are a very strong lady, I believe you have the strength to fight this illness. Insha Allah, with our prayers and your strength, you will get better” 

Given her condition, Aruna had not been sure whether she’ll get to meet her star now, but Khan felt that her positivity will make it possible. He expressed hope that with her positivity, they will be able to meet up soon. Ever the gentleman, the actor even offered to sing one of her favourite songs from his film at the next meeting. 

“Meeting you right now, may not be a possibility but with the positivity with which you carry yourself, we will meet up together. And I promise I’ll do a (a dance) favourite song of mine, but you get well soon Aruna,” Khan signed off.  

Watch Khan’s full video message below