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Secret Superstar song 'Sexy Baliye': Aamir Khan's comical dance moves leave you in splits

The comical 'item' number featuring the superstar's buffoonery is very different from the rest of the film's album.

Mayur Lookhar

The music of Secret Superstar so far has been soft and melodious, but director Advait Chandan and producer Aamir Khan have thrown up a surprise with an entertaining 'item number' of a different kind. There is no sexy young woman here. Instead, it is Khan as Shakti Kumaarr who is the 'item'.

Titled 'Sexy Baliye', the song will leave you in splits for the way Khan conducts himself. Shakti Kumaarr is a narcissistic, flirtatious, out-of-favour music director. These qualities are reflected abundantly in the number. Khan has never been known for his dancing, and his comical moves here, including some in Sunny Deol style, will have you rolling on the floor. And that is exactly what 'Sexy Baliye' is meant to do. 

One has already seen the weird look, dress sense and humour of Shakti Kumaarr in the trailer. Now we see the prima donna in his true style. Kumaarr never loses a chance to flirt, as is abundantly clear in the music video.

The visuals may make it hard to concentrate on the lyrics and music though. Yes, for a woman who has penned classy tracks like 'Main Kaun Hoon' and 'Nachdi Phira', Kausar Munir has also penned 'Sexy Baliye'. The lyrics bring out well the narcissism of Kumaarr.

Mika Singh has swag and masti (fun) in his voice, and that makes him apt to sing this number. The track also scores with its peppy music by Amit Trivedi. Combined with the visuals, 'Sexy Baliye' is an item number that you just can’t miss.

Khan is not new to goofy numbers. In 2011, he had brought the house down with his buffoonery in the 'I Hate You, Like I Love You' track from Delhi Belly. It certainly takes courage for a star to project himself as a buffoon on screen. Khan, though, has never shied away from throwing up surprises. He deserves 10 out of 10 for this comical number. Take a look.

Secret Superstar is set to be released on 19 October. You can try your hand at predicting the film's box-office performance here.