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Rukh song 'Hai Baaki': This Amit Trivedi-Arijit Singh inspirational symphony grows on you slowly

'Hai Baaki' is another slow burning addition to the soundtrack of Atanu Mukherjee's film, Rukh.

Shriram Iyengar

There is a reason Amit Trivedi is called one of the more talented composers of his generation. While his work for Secret Superstar has been receiving rave reviews for its exuberant innocence, the composer is also delivering another wonderful quiver of songs for director Atanu Mukherjee's Rukh.

Rukh song 'Khidhki': Mohan's soothing voice boosts Amit Trivedi's wonderful composition

The film, starring Manoj Bajpayee, Kumud Mishra, Adarsh Gourav and Smita Tambe, is set to be released on 27 October. The second song of the film, 'Hai Baaki', was released by the makers today.

The song, and the film, focusses on Gourav's character who has lost his father. The composition builds up slowly with a backdrop of the acoustic guitar as a reflection of the character's struggle to come to terms with the loss. For a change, Arijit Singh sounds unmelancholy and offers the right vocal balance to the inspirational track.

Sidhant Mago's lyrics emphasise on the need to focus on things in life after a heavy loss. The need to move on works on multiple levels as Trivedi picks up the song's pace and tempo in the latter half. By the end, the listener is left with a feeling of a wanting a little more from the song and its composer.

Rukh is set to be released on 27 October.