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Ajay Devgn: Golmaal Again is not a senseless comedy

The actor speaks about how the humour in Golmaal films has changed with the times.

Suparna Thombare

Ajay Devgn returns to the successful comedy franchise with Golmaal Again this Diwali as the poker-faced Gopal. And the tagline of this Rohit Shetty film is 'No logic only magic'. But Devgn asserts that the tagline doesn't mean that the film is senseless and illogical, but speaks about the supernatural elements in the story.

"It (the tagline) applies to the storyline of the film. If you speak with logic you would say that ghosts don't exist. Ghosts are also magical, no? It's not a senseless comedy," Devgn asserted. 

"Entertainment doesn't mean you show anything you want," he added. 

Devgn says that the Golmaal films have undergone a lot of change as the years have gone by (The first Golmaal: Fun Unlimited came out in 2006), and the comedy in the soon-to-be-released fourth film in the franchise is completely in keeping with the times. 

"The humour (in Golmaal films) has changed a quite a lot through the years. Earlier that would do, the illogical stuff. Now you need to have some kind of sensibility and at least a decent storyline to keep the humour together. Otherwise earlier, just placing comic sequences after sequences also worked. Now the humour has to go with the story," he says. 

While the mounting, the main characters and the style remains the same, Shetty ventures into the rare horror comedy genre with Golmaal Again. 

Devgn said, "I wonder why (horror comedy hasn't been explored). It's a beautiful genre. I am sure people will love it. But I am not sure why people haven't attempted it."