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Dashakriya trailer: This multiple National Award winning film deals with business of moksha

The film, starring Dilip Prabhavalkar and Manoj Joshi, promises to be a bold, hard-hitting saga.

Keyur Seta

“Have you opened a shop to sell moksha, you pimp?” goes a dialogue from the Marathi film, Dashakriya. Going by the first trailer, which was recently released, the film promises to be a bold and hard-hitting saga against casteism.

Directed by Sanjay Krishnaji Patil, Dashakriya won three National Awards last year — Best Feature Film in Marathi, Best Screenplay (adapted) and Best Supporting Actor for Manoj Joshi. The film also stars Milind Shinde.

Last rites form an important part among traditional Hindus since the rituals are believed to guarantee moksha (salvation) to the deceased. The rites are performed by Brahmins. A lot of times, they also face allegations for making a business out of the rituals by fooling people belonging to the so-called lower castes.

Dashakriya takes a critical view of this exploitation. Joshi plays a Brahmin in the film who aims at making easy money out of the rituals. He faces stiff opposition from the villagers, including an elderly man played by Dilip Prabhavalkar. Dashakriya explores a bold issue.

The trailer, however, is a bit confusing. A good part of the beginning shows the story of a school kid and his friends. Then all of a sudden it shifts to the issue of Brahmins exploiting their stature. This transition certainly isn’t smooth.

Dashakriya is all set to be released on 17 November.

Watch the trailer below: