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Kamal Haasan launches Maiam Whistle app, announces plan to tour Tamil Nadu

In a press conference, the actor explained the meaning of the app's name and the reasons for his decision to tour the state.

Manigandan KR

Kamal Haasan today (7 November), on his 63rd birthday, launched his moblie app 'Maiam Whistle'. The actor also announced that he plans to tour the state of Tamil Nadu to reach out and connect with the people.

Addressing a press conference after launching the mobile app, Haasan said, "Maiam in Tamil means 'centre'. People are constantly trying to ask me questions as to whether I am left of centre or right of centre. I would not preferably insist on being in the centre. (I would want to be in the) middle with great equipoise and not to be connected to either left or right. I think most of the populace want to be there."

Pointing out that 'Maiam' is a palindrome, he explained that it reiterates his belief to be equidistant from both, the left and the right. Further, Haasan said the 'Whistle' in the app's name indicates whistle blowing itself.

"The time has come to vociferously tell what is going wrong with our government. Not only to ourselves, but also to the people who perpetrate acts that reduce our civilization's dignity and wealth," he said.

According to the actor, Maiam Whistle is an app through which any person's complaint could be addressed at various levels.

Haasan expects not only his fans, but also the general public to contribute for his upcoming political party, "The fans are only a miniscule part of the population and that won't do," he said.

Talking about his plans to tour the state, the actor said, "I have an idea to travel across the state and find out from people and understand myself. In January, the platform will be ready for communication and so will the app. We will indicate you from when I will be touring Tamil Nadu to understand my people, once again from a different perspective. Not as an artiste but as a citizen [sic]" the actor said.