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Kamal Haasan to launch mobile app on 63rd birthday

To be launched on 7 November, the app would enable book-keeping of all donations made by the public for Haasan's upcoming political party.

Our Correspondent

Confirming his political plunge, actor Kamal Haasan said the first step will be the launch of a mobile software app on November 7 — his 63rd birthday — that will enable him to be in touch with the fans and as well as enable book-keeping. He said his fans would contribute funds for the political party and the mobile app will facilitate keeping proper accounts of funds collected.

According to him, there is no shame in stretching out one's hands for the welfare of the people and if only the rich pay their taxes properly, the country would be on the right path.

On Sunday, at a function to mark the 39th anniversary of his fan/welfare club, the actor presented gifts to the needy before addressing his fans and well wishers. 

At the event, attended by around 2,000 fans, Haasan spoke on the reasons behind his decision to enter politics.

He said, "We (referring to the welfare association that is run by his fans) have been doing social work without any publicity for the last 37 years. We still have more work left to do. There are several who are there with outstretched hands. We too stretch out our hands for help. Why we have stretched out our hands for help is for the sake of the people of Tamil Nadu."

The actor focussed on the need for mor rich people turning to philanthropy, "I am doing this to create a crowd of philanthropists. Several of those present here at this meeting are people who work as labourers. Then, there are small businessmen here. You people protect yourselves and also donate for the sake of others. If the rich alone pay taxes, it will be enough to resolve the problems faced by farmers."

Haasan, while stating his reasons for entering politics, also revoked Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi's saying - 'The world has enough for everybody's need but not enough for even one man's greed'.

"We shall come to politicians stealing later. Some of the rich continue to swindle. Don't ask if I do not like the wealthy. I like those wealthy people who are honest. The world has enough for everybody's need but not enough for even one man's greed. I haven't said this, Gandhi has. It's okay if those who only speak and not do anything, lose. But those who have been delivereing results are being defeated. That should not happen. This should change. That is the reason I have now taken up politics," the actor said.