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We should name and shame sexual harassers, says Vidya Balan

The Tumhari Sulu actress spoke up about ways to tackle sexual harassment in the industry.

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While she plays the light-hearted housewife in her upcoming, 'Tumhari Sulu', Vidya Balan was ruthless when it comes to the topic of sexual harassment. "We should name and shame those who sexually harass others, actress Vidya Balan said on Friday.

"I think people who have suffered this only know what exactly does it feel like when you're really in an uncomfortable situation. When someone just rubs or touches you with his hand, sometimes I get really angry. So I think in that sense, there are a lot of degrees in sexual harassment," she added.

"I am very glad that people are talking about it now. Women are talking about it and they should talk about it because it is not their fault. We should name and shame those who are sexually harassing others, undoubtedly," she told media persons in Mumbai during a promotional programme for her upcoming 'Tumhari Sulu'.

After the Harvey Weinstein controversy led to disclosure of sexual harassment cases in Hollywood, prominent actors such as Irrfan Khan and Richa Chadha have opened up about the casting couch in the Hindi film industry.

Vidya, along with entire 'Tumhari Sulu' team, including Neha Dhupia and RJ Malishka, was attending the launch of PVR Big Screen PXL in the city.

The upcoming slice of life drama recently released a rehashed version of "Mr India" song "Hawa Hawai", which originally featured Sridevi.

The actress also revealed that Sridevi, the original heroine of the song, liked its latest version. "After watching the song, Sridevi told me, she found me very cute in the song and she found the song lovely, especially the way we did it... (was) very happy with it. I don't want to say much, but it would be better if you ask her because I can only tell you this much."

She also said that the response to the movie has been great but she finds it difficult to talk about compliments which she got from the fraternity.

"I always had a problem with this thing.. I am little hesitant to express someone's words. Someone sent me a message or told me personally... hopefully quite a few people will turn up at the screening, it would be better if you asked them but so far the response has been good," she said.

The 'Tumhari Sulu' teaser and the trailer has set the tone right for the film and with back to back song releases, the movie is being talked about.

Balan added, "'Hawa Hawai' has got a fantastic response and so has the 'Ban Ja Tu Meri Rani' song. And today we have released one more song, 'Manva Likes To Fly'. I love that song because all of us want to fly on wings of our hearts. So far the response has been fabulous."

Vidya also said that she relates a lot to her 'Tumhari Sulu' character, since, as an actress, she can't participate in radio contests.

"I can't call to participate in radio contests, because people know me and they would never give me a gift. Sometimes I do feel like calling as I'd have really interesting and mad answers, so yeah, at times I do feel like calling and participating in the contests," she revealed during the interaction.

About the event, Vidya said: "I am a PVR Loyalist; I watch most of my films at PVR. There sound and picture quality is fabulous, it is even better now than what it is normally. I am sure it will be an extremely pleasurable experience for anyone watching films here."

Tumhari Sulu, directed by Suresh Triveni and produced under the banners of T-Series and Ellipsis Entertainment, releases worldwide on November 17.