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Gachchi teaser: This Marathi tragic-comedy promises to be a quirky entertainer

The teaser promises a film, featuring Priya Bapat and Abhay Mahajan, with many layers and depths.

Keyur Seta

Tragic-comedies is a seldom visited genre, more so in Marathi cinema. Nachiket Samant's directorial debut explores this genre in Gachchi and, going by its teaser, the film promises to be a quirky entertainer. 

Gachchi stars Abhay Mahajan and Priya Bapat in lead roles. They play Shriram and Keerti, who are strangers equally harrowed with life. Shriram is burdened by debt and has no means to repay his creditors. He is forced to mortgage his house and worse, suffers from diabetes at his prime. 

One day, he casually visits a roadside tea stall and while sipping his suger-free tea, happen to see something on the terrace of a building nearby — a girl standing on the very edge of the terrace.

Convinced she is about to commit suicide, he rushes to the terrace to stop the girl, Keerti. Her reasons for the drastic step are not revealed in the teaser. She is angered by Shriram's intrusion and throws a bottle at him. While Shriram successfully ducks in time to save himself, the bottle lands on someone else on the road. 

The teaser promises a film with many layers and depths. 

Mahajan is known for his acts in Ringan: The Quest (2017) and CRD (2017). This would be the first time he is seen playing a lead role.

Bapat, on the other hand, is a renowned actress. She was last seen in Sachin Kundalkar’s Vazandar (2016). 

Gachchi is all set to be released on 22 December. The film will clash with Salman Khan’s biggie Tiger Zinda Hai.

Watch the teaser: