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Deepak Shivdasani seeks time to pay technicians after Julie 2 flops

Shivdasani has written an open letter stating that he is "fully responsible as a writer, producer and director" for the failure of the thriller, which was released last Friday.

Suparna Thombare

Julie 2 director and co-producer Deepak Shivdasani has written an open letter to all involved with the film apologizing for its box-office failure.

The film, starring Raai Laxmi and Nishikant Kamat, opened to dismal numbers of Rs50 lakh when it was released last Friday, 24 November. 

Co-produced by Pahlaj Nihalani and Vijay Nair, the thriller, which was made at a cost of approximately Rs30 crore, is set to suffer huge losses.

In the letter, Shivdasani owned up for the film's failure. "Yes, my film titled Deepak Shivdasani‘s Julie 2, which released on 24th November all over India and many parts of the world has failed at the Box Office... I stand fully responsible as a writer producer director for its content & making (sic)," he wrote. 

Shivdasani also admitted that the makers had not paid the technicians their dues and asked them to be patient. "I know I owe monies to technician & vendors... which I promise to pay in time to all... I hope those I owe understand & be patient for a little while (sic)." 

Back in 2001, Shivdasani got into trouble when he failed to pay his creditors after his Ajay Devgn-starrer Yeh Raaste Hain Pyar Ke flopped.

Shivdasani's letter, which was posted on Facebook, was later removed.