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Clear case of criminal conspiracy: Kannan Nayar on CBFC revoking S Durga's certification

According to IFFI jury's acting chairperson Rahul Rawail, director Sanal's 'serious contravention of the rules' provoked the CBFC to cancel the film's certificate.

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The battle between the IFFI and the S Durga team has ended with the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) deciding to revoke the film's censor certificate allegedly for a contravention of guidelines.

In a quick interview with Cinestaan.com, Kannan Nayar, lead actor of S Durga, expressed shock and called the move "a clear case of criminal conspiracy." He further shared the email he received from IFFI regarding the screening of the film. "Following the screening certain issues related to the certification of the film with reference to the title of the film were raised. This was referred to the CBFC for clarification." The CBFC, in response, to the queries revoked the film's censor certificate.

IFFI jury's acting chairperson Rahul Rawail said: "The censor certificate for Sexy Durga has been revoked, so there was no question of the film being screened at IFFI. The director Sanal Sasidharan had been asked to change the film's title from Sexy Durga to S Durga. He has put three X's after the 'S' in the word Sexy. This amounts to a serious contravention of the rules and he could go to be legally answerable for this flouting of rules."

Rawail says he had a problem with the film's title from the word go. "Why did he call his film Sexy Durga to begin with? This was an unnecessary provocation. Then when he was asked to change the title, he put three 'X's which are very suggestive. Now he must apply for a certificate all over again."

Sanal says he has broken no rules. "The revocation of the censor certificate is part of the larger conspiracy to smother the common man's voice. We see it all around us these days. Now it's come to us filmmakers. I am being accused of contravening the rules. But the 3 X's are the only way I could change the title without having to bear the expenses of getting new publicity posters done. I am sorry, but there is no contravention. This is nothing but a final attempt to stop my film from being screened at the IFFI. They have succeeded in stopping my film. But we should all be worried about the future of democracy in our country."

Sanal intends to continue his fight. "Let's see when the CBFC will issue a new certificate for my film. I can't say I'm enjoying this silly game. But I will see it to its logical end."

With inputs from IANS

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