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Is Meghan Markle playing match maker to Priyanka Chopra and James Middleton?

Close friends with Chopra, Markle is rumoured to be setting her up on dates with the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton's younger brother.

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Wedding season is officially open after the announcement of Prince Harry's engagement with American actress Meghan Markle broke on the internet. The engagement was announced by official sources after the couple proposed to each other on Monday, 27 November.

This news, however, pales in comparison to the Cinderella story that Priyanka Chopra is experiencing. Reports in the English tabloid, Star, suggest that Markle is playing fairy godmother to Priyanka Chopra by setting her up on a date with Kate Middleton's younger brother, James Middleton. 

Chopra has developed a close friendship with Markle over her time in the United States. So much so, that British tabloids have already marked out Chopra as one of the potential bridesmaids at the wedding. This makes it quite probable that Markle might set her friend up on a couple of dates with James Middleton. James is an entrepreneur with multiple businesses under his name.  


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With her hit television series, Quantico, and the Baywatch movie, Chopra has made a name for herself in Los Angeles. The story broke with Star, quoting anonymous source as saying, "On the heels of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s rumored engagement, Star has learned that the ‘Suits’ actress is playing matchmaker for longtime pal Priyanka Chopra and Duchess Kate’s brother, James Middleton." 

The story broke a couple of weeks ago when Prince Harry and Markle were still not officially engaged. With the news of the engagement being confirmed now, it remains to be seen if the rest of the rumours reported in the story are true as well. The story also reported that "Meghan arranged for the pair to meet up for lunch a couple of weeks ago when James was in L.A. for work. It went so well, they had dinner, too!" 

While the Middletons are not royalty, they are married to the English throne through the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton and Prince William. However, before Chopra's fans celebrate, there have been other reports in English newspapers debunking the tabloid's story. 

Gossipcop.com slammed the report by Star as having 'no merit to the contentions'. The website suggested that Markle does not share a close relationship with the Middletons to meddle in the love life of the younger son. The website also pointed out that Markle has neither been seen with James or Kate Middleton by herself, and hence, is unlikely to make such a decision. 

For Chopra though, the rumours would matter little. The actress has already made her intentions of attending the royal wedding clear on the talk show with Wendy Williams. Chopra had said,"I have known her two years now. We randomly met at a party and got on really well. So once I get the invite, I don't know... If I'm even invited." 

As of today, the actress was spotted at the LAX airport in Los Angeles heading back to her shoot for Quantico. Here's hoping she does find an invite waiting for her at home.