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Salman stopped winds in Greece, more revelations in 'Swag Se Swagat' making video

From Katrina Kaif's 'parachute' experience to Vishal-Shekhar belting out a song in 24 hours, the making video of Tiger Zinda Hai's 'Swag Se Swagat' has some very interesting details. 

Shriram Iyengar

If there is one thing that Salman Khan has, with certainty, it is style. The actor joined Katrina Kaif in the first song from Tiger Zinda Hai, 'Swag Se Swagat'. The song has already proved to be a hit, acquiring more hits and likes with every passing hour. If that seemed easy, shooting the song certainly was not.

The making video of the song, released today, shows that despite its difficulties in shooting and creation, the song had one thing going for it - Salman Khan. 

The song, which is a dance number with an ensemble team of dancers, tricksters, and even a footballer, was one of the most difficult parts of the Tiger Zinda Hai shoot. Director Ali Abbas Zafar said, "It was a crisis situation. We were going to shoot the song in Greece, and we had no song." 

Composers Vishal-Shekhar reportedly worked for 7-8 months on a track, before throwing out what was composed 6 days before the shoot. They created an entirely new track of 'Swag Se Swagat' just before they hit the deadline. Shekhar Ravjiani explains, "All of the hit songs, the superhits and dance numbers that we have done, have all been created within 48 hours." 

Katrina Kaif, though is in love with the song. "I think it is an outstanding song. I think, audio-wise, when I heard 'Swag...' I immediately fell in love with it." 

As for the song's theme — swag — choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant said it was the word for 'style' in today's age. "And we know Salman Khan is filled with oodles of it (style)," she added, "That man is all about the swag, and this swag is all about him." 

Along with some stunning choreography, that fits to the theme of universal love and brotherhood, the song has some very scenic visuals. As Kaif reveals in the video, the song was shot in Naxos, Greece. Apparently, the island has never featured in any cinema before. It definitely adda an X-factor to the song. 

However, it was not easy shooting. As the actress says, "There were certain locations where it was extremely windy, and I was wearing this long flowing dress. It was almost like a parachute which was going to drag you off the rocks and into the sea." While Kaif and the crew struggled, Salman Khan remained unaffected. Kaif says, "Except everytime Salman would walk in, the wind would stop. I never figured that out." 

Incidentally, Khan does not make an appearance or speak in the making video. 

The song includes a wide variety of people from different spectrums — ballerinas, B-boyers and BMX cyclists and a footballers. This, according to Vaibhavi Merchant, is the secret to the 'vibe' of the song. "It was like a scene out of a dance movie where everyone is just dancing and having so much fun," Kaif adds. 

Ali Abbas Zafar adds that the song is about peace,"It says let's hug it out. There is no point fighting. Let's spread the message of love." 

Tiger Zinda Hai is set to be released on 22 December.