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Kamal Haasan: When Hindus say we are big, their hearts too ought to be big

The south cinema superstar feels that Hindus should correct the minorities if they are wrong.

Mayur Lookhar

Despite facing criticism and litigation over his political views, Kamal Haasan has refused to shy away from expressing his views. In his latest weekly column for the Tamil magazine Ananda Vikatan, Haasan has urged the majority community to accept all minorities.

"Hindus are in a majority. They have the responsibility of an elder brother. When Hindus say we are big, their hearts too ought to be big. They should embrace others and correct them if they do wrong. We've given courts the responsibility to punish people. Let them do that," Haasan wrote in his weekly column.

From the time he declared his intentions to enter politics and float his own party, Haasan has been flooded with donations. The actor, however, is returning the money as he feel it's illegal to accept money at this stage.

"I have started receiving letters and money from the public. But it will be illegal to receive funds. Moreover, I cannot keep it idle. Hence I am sending back to every individual separately," said Haasan.

Haasan added that he needed to develop a proper infrastructure before accepting such donations.

"The moment people started sending the money itself, the political party had begun. But I need to create proper infrastructure so that even after me, this movement should continue. If I do not create such an infrastructure, troubles will crop up here too," he wrote.