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I'm not Sachin Tendulkar to score 100 in every match: Irrfan Khan

Khan said that, as an actor, he shouldn't get into the business part of the cinema.

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Actor Irrfan Khan, who is enthralling movie buffs with his romantic comedy Qarib Qarib Singlle, says he is not bothered by the numbers game in Hindi cinema.

Irrfan's last release Hindi Medium (2017) had crossed Rs100 crore worldwide.

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Asked if he has started learning the number game, the National Award-winning actor told IANS: "I do not want to get into that zone. I am not Sachin Tendulkar to score 100 in most of the matches. I, as an actor, have done my work sincerely and I think as an actor, I shouldn't get into the business part. By saying this, I am not pitching anything to anybody. Every individual should follow what suits them. Number game does not suit me."

Before the release of Tanuja Chandra's directorial Qarib Qarib Singlle, which also features actress Parvathy, Khan had said he felt a certain pressure and anxiety over the film.

"I feel anxious before any every release, but the good thing is, with time, the span (of anxiety) is becoming shorter."

He said he is confident "about the story that I have chosen, from my instinct".

According to Khan, he took a lot of time to build up the character of Yogi: "Though the character of Yogi has been written brilliantly, I took some time to catch the right note of the character. I took time to understand his behaviour, that one element that makes the character fascinating for me, and for all of us. Since I am playing it, I had to understand that first. We sat for many reading and I took months to make the character of my own, to play it convincingly."