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Here's Priyanka Chopra's perfect makeover for Halloween

The Quantico actress rang in Halloween by posting some seriously scary pictures on her Instagram account.

Shriram Iyengar

Halloween season allows people to experiment with their looks in the craziest fashion. The stars of Hindi cinema seem to have taken to the trend in recent years, and this time it is Priyanka Chopra leading the way. The actress's recent Instagram pictures might pass the audition for the next Vikram Bhatt thriller with ease.

Celebrating the festival, the actress put up pictures of her face made up in the most horrific fashion. The first picture has the Quantico actress dressed up as a goth vampire, complete with dark eye shadow and some blood streaming down her face. The actress is spotted posing for the picture with her little pup, Diana.

Another picture had her posing with zombie styled make-up which surpasses the first image. The scars and pale eyes of Chopra are quite the changeover from her usual vibrant selfies that float around social media.

The actress even put up a short video of herself wishing her fans Happy Halloween in quite the dark style.

Though the celebrations look quite fun, the day ended on a dark note for the actress who was witness to the latest terror attacks in the city of New York. She put up a tweet expressing her sadness, and the horror of being five blocks away from the scene. It looks like the horror of Halloween got a little too close for the actress.