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After bindis, Priyanka Chopra introduces African children to 'thumkas'

The actress, who is on a tour of Africa as the UNICEF Global Goodwill Ambassador, posted pictures of her having some fun with children from NGOs in South Africa.

Shriram Iyengar

Priyanka Chopra is spreading her 'desi'ness all over the world. The actress, who is in South Africa for her tour of the continent as Global Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF, has been putting up pictures of herself enjoying with some local children.

While the actress continues to try and raise funds to end violence against children, she seems to be enjoying the time. After sharing her bindi collection with the kids, Chopra put up pictures of herself teaching them some very 'desi' thumkas.

In turn, the kids seem to have taken a liking to the Quantico actress. The actress put up a picture on her Instagram page of how Mbali, 11, took her on a tour of the park as part of her responsibility as vice-chairman of the park. 'She takes her responsibility very seriously,' wrote Chopra.

Another adorable image of the actress showing off her 'Daddy's little girl' tattoo to a young child is a sign of how emotionally moving the trip has been for her.

The actress even showed off her sugarcane eating skills, with other members of the NGO.

Although not all experiences were nice for the actress. Set with the challenge of sliding down a pole at the park, Chopra looked more uncomfortable at the task than at doing some of her more deadly stunts. 'No pole dancing for me!' wrote the actress of the experience.


Hahahah I really was scared! Lol! No pole dancing for me! #UNICEF #SafePark

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Big group hug!! Final goodbyes.. so hard letting them go. We had so much fun. #SafePark #UNICEF #EndViolence

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The actress, who attended a charity gala, to help raise funds for children suffering from abuse has returned to the United States. She will take part in some promotions before the release of her film, Baywatch, on 25 May.