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Priyanka Chopra pens a touching note post Nirbhaya gang rape verdict

The actress, who is in South Africa on tour as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, said she is 'proud of the justice system'. Rishi Kapoor, Varun Dhawan joined her in praising the verdict.

Shriram Iyengar

Priyanka Chopra might be travelling all over the world, but she has her ears glued to any news from home. Post the verdict on the heinous Nirbhaya gang rape by the Supreme Court of India, the actress put up a note expressing her thoughts on the decision.

On her Twitter feed, Chopra wrote, 'Yes, it has taken five long years, but today justice has finally prevailed. The flame of this verdict should singe not just the dastardly four (of the other two, one is dead and one accused is a juvenile) but other such perpetrators in India as well."

The Nirbhaya case shook the Indian public conscience with the ghastly and barbaric nature of its crime in 2012. The resultant battle for justice took five long years, before the Supreme Court finally sentenced the four convicts with the death penalty. Chopra, who was appointed the UNICEF Global Goodwill ambassador in 2016, has been travelling in Africa meeting children who have been rescued from similar violence. The actress had put up pictures on her social media feed on Friday describing how the experience of meeting these children left her 'inspired.'

'I'm so proud of the justice system for hearing her voice.. in her dying declaration she appealed that her perpetrators not be spared,' the actress added.

Writing further in the note, Chopra said, 'That we, as a modern 21st century society, allow such heinous things to happen to our women never ceases to trouble me.' Urging the country to 'make a promise to ourselves' and 'stop such brutal and demoniacal crimes', the actress said the public should learn to speak up against such violence.

Chopra was not alone in expressing her anger. Rishi Kapoor took to Twitter calling the verdict 'an example for an everyday menace'

Varun Dhawan went so far as to suggest 'Even hanging the 4 criminals is not enough justice...'