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Tubelight teaser – Salman Khan, film seem full of mystery

A Sino-Indian war survivor or gifted man-child? The mystery around Salman Khan's character deepens.

Mayur Lookhar

The posters had created hype around the film and fans were waiting eagerly for the first glimpse of Tubelight. The anxiety is over as Salman Khan and director Kabir Khan have taken one step towards switching on their Tubelight by launching the teaser of the upcoming Eid release.

The early posters had created some suspense around the film, and the teaser keeps the mystery alive. What really is this film about? What kind of person is Laxman, the character that Salman Khan plays?

The nearly 90-second teaser begins with dramatized scenes from the 1962 border war between India and China. Many Indian soldiers were killed as the ill-prepared Indian army struggled to contain the Chinese invasion. It makes you wonder if Salman Khan plays a soldier who was wounded in the war and saved by Tibetans.

In the teaser, Khan is hoisted high by locals, suggesting that his character is dear to them. Laxman's subsequent child-like mannerisms make you wonder if he has lost his bearings. The last time Khan played a character who had lost his bearings was in Tere Naam (2003). Or, like Hrithik Roshan in Koi... Mil Gaya (2003), is he playing a man-child? Does his character have some supernatural power that he is able to shake the earth beneath with his hand movements? Then there is an unseen gentleman who is, perhaps, the Dalai Lama?

"Yakeen ek tubelight ki tarha hota hai, der se jalta hai, lekin jab jalta hai toh full light kar deta hai [Belief is like a tubelight; it takes time to come on, but when it does, it enlightens you]," says Laxman.

We briefly see Chinese actress Zhu Zhu and Salman's brother Sohail Khan in a soldier's outfit. Shah Rukh Khan has a cameo in the film but we don’t see any glimpse of him in the teaser.

The earlier buzz was that Tubelight is a romantic drama with Salman Khan romancing Zhu Zhu, who makes her Hindi film debut. But none of that is in evidence in the teaser.

The exotic locations, presumably China and Tibet, add to the visual beauty of the film.

We live in times when most teasers and trailers give a lot of the plot away, so director Kabir Khan should be complimented for conjuring up a teaser that keeps the mystery alive.

Now, fans will be waiting for the first trailer. Tubelight is set to be released on Eid, 23 June this year. Meanwhile, watch the teaser: