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Rajinikanth empowers fan club president Sudhakar with disciplinary powers

The actor has sent out a memo to his official fan club president, Sudhakar, to take action against any unruly and misbehaving members.

Manigandan KR

Actor Rajinikanth has announced that he has authorised VM Sudhakar, a senior official of his fan club, to expel any office bearer or member of the fan club found acting in a manner that is incongruous with the rules of the club.

In a statement that was addressed to his fans, Rajini made it clear that he had empowered Sudhakar with the power to expel anybody who indulged in behaviour that went against the discipline or the rules of the fan club. He said Sudhakar could revoke the primary membership of those who had acted in a manner that could harm the reputation of the  fan club.

Rajini's statement assumes significance as it comes just weeks after his sensational speech which led to speculation if he was going to enter politics. During the course of that speech, the actor had said that some of his fans were misusing his name to gain political mileage and urged such people to refrain from doing so.