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From Taylor Swift to Baywatch turns, Priyanka Chopra slays it in 73 questions

The actress displayed some of her rapier wit on a recent show with international fashion magazine, Vogue, making for some gif-fy fun.

Our Correspondent

There is a reason Priyanka Chopra is one of the more popular stars on the Hollywood circuit. The actress put on the best of her charm and wit on display when she took part in the 73 questions series for international fashion magazine, Vogue.

The video, shot in Chopra's house in New York, had the actress delivering some quick lines as she took the viewers on a guided tour of her home, and her intelligence. From delivering her own version of a 'Boston accent' to singing, nay screaming, a Taylor Swift song, Chopra was all laughs. Such were her reactions and expressions that it was hard not to create a whole range of gif memes to capture those moments.

The actress who recently made her debut in Baywatch, said that the thing she looked forward to most at the end of the day was 'sleeping'. However, not all of her answers were as bland. When asked about a popular misconception Americans had about India, Chopra quipped, "That we all have arranged marriages, and that we speak a language called Indian. It's like saying I speak American." For the reverse question, Chopra quippped that Indians often believe that everyone in America is 'super rich'. To be fair, Priyanka, in matters of relative economy, they are.

Not that Chopra dislikes her new favourite country. Speaking of what she liked about Trump's nation, she said, "That it is the land of the free and the home of the brave. And cheeseburgers." As a foodie, that was quite obvious.

However, the actress really stole Indian hearts when she said that the one thing she would want to say to people back home is 'Ghar ki bahut yaad aati hai' (I miss home a lot).

Be that as it may, the actress has been on quite an adventure throughout her career. But the scariest thing she ever did was eat fried Mumpasi worms during her recent trip to Zimbabwe.

Throughout the interview, Chopra looked effortlessly stylish and threw some serious sass. When asked where she sees herself in 10 years, Chopra replied 'To global domination'. She even pulled in the US president saying 'Donald Trump's tweets' should be one thing people shouldn't be talking about next year. But the prize goes to her answer on being asked if she can lie. Without batting an eyelid, Chopra said, "Of course. I am an actress. I am a professional liar, and I get paid for lying."

As for any fans looking to sweep the actress off her feet, she had a simple tip. "Surprise a girl, you know, don't do the whole chocolates and flowers thing," Chopra said. However, the actress seems to have her own choice for someone to marry, Tupac Shakur. Not bad at all!

As for accents, the actress pulled off quite the New Yorker style ordering 'an almond milk latte with no almond, and no milk'. But it was the Boston accent to 'Pak the ca in the yaed' (Park the car in the yard), that really leaves you in splits.

It was not all accents though, Chopra even taught the interviewer some Hindi. After mentioning that her favourite Hindi phrase is 'Jaisi karni waisi bharni' (As you sow, so shall you reap), she taught him to 'Cut le beta'. It suffices to say, the interviewer might take some time to master that one.

She also introduced her 'mandir' as something she always travels with, but the most surprising thing to find in the Quantico star's purse is hot sauce. While others might doubt it, Chopra stood by it saying 'You always need hot sauce.'

Taking it to another level, the actress even delivered her favourite Taylor Swift song, 'Because everyone has one'. She sang 'I knew you were trouble' complete with the parody 'Aahhh' scream in the middle.

Having made her debut with Baywatch, the actress has perfected the slow motion run and was quite happy to show it off.

But it was her stunts that really convinced everyone that she is a true blue action star.

Showing off her injuries, she accidentally flashed her middle finger, before adorably trying to hide it.

However, the actress is was not as adorable with clowns. For someone who performs her own stunts, she was able to give a display of it live. Sadly the inflated clown that bore the brunt of it might not reccommend it. Explaining the degree of violence, Chopra said, "I don't like clowns."

Chopra is currently in New York, and will evidently return to Mumbai the next week

Watch the entire episode here: