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Tubelight Ki Making Ka Teaser: Salman Khan, kids steal the show

Just before the trailer of the film releases on 25 May, Kabir Khan's Tubelight has released a teaser to its making video.

Shriram Iyengar

Making videos have become an excellent marketing cue to keep the audience guessing about the film and its plotline. The makers of Kabir Khan's Tubelight have now released a teaser to the making video of the film.

The teaser shows Kabir Khan and his team, including Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, and a cute bunch of kids having a whole lot of fun during the shooting.

Fun is not the only thing on the menu though. From teaching his little Chinese co-star, Matin Rey Tangu, to pray to Lord Ganesha, or dance, Salman Khan is every bit as childish as his little fellow actors. Brother Sohail Khan joins in for good measure, earning him the title 'Tubelight ka Bhai', which is quite the reel-real conundrum, since he plays the brother of Salman Khan's character, Tubelight, in the film as well.

It is not all fun though. The sight of Salman Khan going through the army training, and the sight of his character running around in the war zone is a peek into the trouble's Tubelight the character is going to face in the film. Also, Salman Khan's character seems to be wearing the same red checkered shirt that Sohail Khan's character is featured with. This leads us to think if there if the shirt carries a deeper symbolism in the film.

While director Kabir Khan might come across as the 'cool biker dude' riding through the roads of Leh, he seems to be pulling some pranks on the kids on set. The sight of two kids sitting on the balcony is an interesting one. While one of them says "Mujhe poora yakeen hai", the other doesn't trust the director at all. "Mujhe to bilkul yakeen nahi hai (I don't trust you at all)," he says to the amusement of the director.

The teaser also has a glimpse of the Chinese actress, Zhu Zhu, who is playing a pivotal role in the film.

The trailer for the film is set to arrive on 25 May. Tubelight is produced by Salman Khan's Salman Khan Films and is expected to release during the Eid weekend.

Watch the teaser to the making of Tubelight: