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'What is happening to the world' wonders India as stars react to Manchester blast

The blast at pop star Ariana Grande's pop concert in Manchester resulted in the death of 19 people, and left 50 more injured. Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra and others offered their prayers to the victims of the horrifying attack.

Shriram Iyengar

A blast ripped through pop star Ariana Grande's concert in Manchester, United Kingdom late on Monday night killing 19 people, and injuring 50 more. While the city came to terms with the devastation and loss of life, Twitter became the platform that brought together people from different parts of the world uniting against such terror.

While the pop star, Ariana Grande, escaped the event unhurt, she was shocked at the deaths at the event. Grande put up a tweet saying she 'had no words' to express her sorrow.

Unsurprisingly, the Indian film industry joined hands with these voices in speaking out against the growing threat of terrorism and cowardice.

Priyanka Chopra, and co-star Dwayne Johnson, responded online through their tweets. Asking 'what is wrong with the world', Chopra sent out thoughts and prayers to the victims of the blast.

Chopra also spoke about the attack at the special preview of her film Baywatch, hosted by The Cinema Society, asking, "Is this the world we are going raise our kids in?"

Shah Rukh Khan tweeted out prayers to the victims as well, saying it was extremely sad to see 'innocent lives' lost.

Some did not hold back on their anger at the loss of innocent lives. Actress Richa Chadda called the terrorists 'cowards' while asking the families of the victims to 'stay strong'.

Ranvir Shorey blamed the growing orthodoxy of religion and commerce for the event, comparing it with the ongoing war in Syria.

Varun Dhawan, who recently attended the Justin Bieber concert in Mumbai, called it an 'attack on humanity'.

Siddharth was another actor who tweeted his condolences on the event.

Chetan Bhagat, author of Half Girlfriend, raised the question over 'what kind of ideology' would justify such horror.

Hansika Motwani also tweeted along similar lines saying 'Why hurt innocent people?'

No terrorist group has yet taken responsibility for the action. The event sent shockwaves around the globe since it was quite a high profile event in a populated location. It is a sad day in the world.