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Aamir Khan talks about his favourite 'Sachin' moment in a touching video

In a tweet to promote Sachin A Billion Dreams, the Lagaan actor shared a memory of Sachin Tendulkar becoming a fan himself.

Shriram Iyengar

Sachin Tendulkar is used to adoration. His fans range from the common man on the street to stars who rule the film industry. One of them is Aamir Khan. The Lagaan actor is a cricket buff who has often watched Tendulkar play in stadiums. In a recent tweet, Khan shared a memory when even Sachin Tendulkar turned into a fan.

In his video, Khan pointed out that Tendulkar has his biopic, Sachin A Billion Dreams, set for release on 26 May. The film tells the story of the childhood, and the rise of Sachin Tendulkar into the icon he is. Sharing his memories of cricket, and Sachin, Khan said, "We are such huge fans of his. I certainly am. When he goes out to play, I am, like, most excited for him. I am cheering for him. When he hits a six or four, we are like thrilled. When he is bowling, we are appealing even before he appeals. Imagine him doing that for you"

An ardent cricket fan, the actor went on to share his favourite 'Sachin' moment. Evidently, Tendulkar was one of the many fans who had been invited by Khan for the screening of Lagaan (2001) in Raj Kamal Studios. Khan says he watched Tendulkar through a window in the screening room, studying his reactions to the scenes. "When the cricket started, he got really nervous. He was biting his nails. I started smiling to see his involvement in the game."

But Sachin Tendulkar was more than involved. The moment the first British wicket fell, Khan describes that the moment the ball hit the wicket, Tendulkar was out of his seats appealing. "To watch him get engrossed in a match that I am playing, and cheer for me, is so unreal for me," Khan said.

You can take the cricketer out of the field, but the cricket remains etched within him. Sachin A Billion Dreams is set to release theatrically on 26 May.