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4 reasons why you should watch Ananya Kasaravalli’s Chronicles Of Hari

The film achieves high standards in narrating a complex tale with utmost simplicity. 

A still from Chronicles Of Hari

Keyur Seta

Ananya Kasaravalli, daughter of the well-known filmmaker Girish Kasaravalli, has ventured into films with Harikatha Prasanga, whose English title is Chronicles Of Hari. The film has been receiving thumbs up from those who have seen it, especially at last year’s MAMI (Mumbai Academy of Moving Images) Mumbai International Film Festival. Chronicles Of Hari will be screened today (20 May) at the Habitat Film Festival in Delhi. 

Ananya Kasaravalli: I learnt about cinema by studying my father’s films

Here are four reasons why you should watch the film:

- The Kannada film throws light on the Yakshagana performers. It’s a lesser-known dance form where males play female characters.

- The story of a man going through gender-related identity crisis is interesting. Such tales are hardly seen in our part of the world. 

- Kasaravalli has shown maturity in narrating such a complex storyline with utmost simplicity. There is a lot of conflict but, thankfully, no melodrama whatsoever. 

- To say that Shrunga Vasudevan has lived the character of Hari would be an understatement. The actor has given a tutorial on how to get into the skin of a character. 

Director Ananya Kasaravalli

Watch Chronicles Of Hari (Harikatha Prasanga) for the interesting story and its mature treatment.

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