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Shab trailer: Raveena Tandon brings in grey shades to Onir's fashion drama

The trailer of Onir's film peeks into the darkness behind the glamour of the fashion world. 

Shriram Iyengar

Raveena Tandon is front and centre as the unscrupulous patron of a fashion model in the trailer of Onir's drama, Shab. The trailer was released today and features the actress along with Ashish Bisht and Arpita Pal.

The film, and the trailer, revolves around the story of Mohan Rawat (Bisht), an aspiring model in Delhi. Mohan Rawat soon finds himself in a complicated relationship with his unscrupulous patron, played by Tandon. The young man's ambition, and the desires of his patron, soon segue into the dark underworld behind the fashion industry. There is also the story of his love, played by Pal, and the French tutor Benoit (Simon Frenay) who try to save the young man. 

Quite stolid, the trailer fails to raise the intrigue or engage the audience in any mystery about the film. The trailer does carry some resemblance to Madhur Bhandarkar's Fashion (2008). However, Onir's film is set in Delhi, while Bhandarkar placed his story in Mumbai.

Tandon seems to be playing a stereotypical role of a powerful woman seeking to take advantage of a young man's ambition. Written and directed by Onir, the film is presented by AntiClock Films and WSG Pictures. 

Shab is Onir's return to the director's chair after I Am (2011). The film is set to be released theatrically on 30 June. Meanwhile, watch the trailer here: