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After Mahesh Manjrekar disapproves his debut Marathi song, Salman Khan records it again

The Sultan actor makes his singing debut in Marathi with Manjrekar's FU - Friendship Unlimited. 

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Our Correspondent

After singing quite a few songs in Hindi films, Salman Khan has now made his singing debut in Marathi cinema. The actor has lent his voice to the song, ‘Gachi’ in Mahesh Manjrekar’s next FU – Friendship Unlimited. Interestingly, the Sultan actor recorded the song in flat 45 minutes. 

Composer Vishal Mishra admitted that he was amazed by Salman’s work. The composer added,“Salman’s grasping power is great. I was amazed when he completed recording of the song. Gachi, in 45 minutes flat,” he said while speaking to a publication. Mishra recorded the song first in his own voice, so as to help Salman get an idea about it. “He had heard the song so many times that he picked it up quickly. His voice had more energy than mine." 

‘Gachi’ is the recreated version of the old classic, ‘Panchi Banu Udti Phiru’ from Chori Chori (1956). 

However, there was an unpleasant twist in store as Manjrekar wasn’t happy with the song and asked Salman to re-record it. “I was happy post dubbing with Salman, but Maheshji felt the Marathi words sounded wrong and asked me to dub it once more. I approached Salman and he gracefully agreed to re-record the song,” revealed Mishra. 

In today’s times, an auto-tuner is used as a convenient option to enhance a singer’s voice. When asked whether it was used for Salman’s voice, Mishra said, “Auto-tuner is used in almost all songs these days because it enhances pitch accuracy. I have composed 16 songs for FU and used auto-tuner in each of them. In Salman’s case, we used it to enhance the edge. Had any other singer sung it, I would have used technology even then. But Salman was the best choice to sing it.” 

Friendship Unlimited stars Akash Thosar, who made his debut in the blockbuster Sairat (2016), and Sanskruti Balgude in the lead roles. The film is all set to release on 2 June.