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Marathi film producer appeals to CM in Facebook post before allegedly committing suicide

His relationship with his wife had allegedly deteriorated following the box office failure of his film, Dhol Taashe. 

Keyur Seta

In a shocking and sad incident, Marathi film producer Atul B Tapkir allegedly committed suicide yesterday at a hotel in Pune by consuming poison. Before taking the alleged step, he put up a long Facebook post in Marathi where he has accused his wife Priyanka for driving him to take the step. 

He had made a film called Dhol Taashe in 2015. The film bombed at the box office and he faced severe financial loss. Following this, his relationship with Priyanka started deteriorating. She allegedly threw Tapkir out of the house. He has claimed to be staying in another apartment for the last six months. He had been staying in a hotel since last two days where he took the alleged step. 

“Despite the loss faced, I received a lot of respect. My father and sisters encouraged me and I got a new lease of life. But because of the debts incurred due to the loss, Priyanka started troubling me,” reads a portion of his Facebook post. “She didn’t understand my situation and threw me out of the house. I have been staying away from my house since six months. She drew me away from my kids and carried all types of accusations and spoilt my name in our locality.” He adds that this resulted in his friends taunting him every now and then. “They stop me on the road and call me to insult me, which I am not able to tolerate any more.”

Tapkir has also accused Priyanka of asking her rakhi brothers, Kalyan Gavhane and Balu Gavhane to beat him up and later throwing a party for them. He added that they were helped by Priyanka’s cousin, Bappu Thigale. “This provided confidence to Priyanka and she even started verbally abusing my father and sisters,” he added. Following this, Tapkir held a meeting where it was decided that he will pay her Rs10 thousand every month till her anger subsides. But he claims that this didn’t help and he started drinking heavily again. Due to this, he verbally abused Priyanka on phone and she did the same in return. 

The late producer has also appealed to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra for change in laws when it comes to harassment of women. This is because Priyanka then registered a police complaint against him. As the law says that a man can be arrested by a mere complaint by his wife, Tapkir had to pay Rs10 thousand to avoid getting arrested. “I have only one appeal for the CM that the police should listen to the husband’s side of the story as well instead of just the wife’s. I am not saying that all women are misusing this law. But women like Priyanka are doing it, which results in mental strain for the entire family,” he added. 

Tapkir has also narrated how Priyanka allegedly stopped his children from playing downstairs so that he could not even get the pleasure of seeing them. He further claims that their neighbours also heard Priyanka threatening to make their children beg on the streets. The producer claims to have saved the recording of Priyanka’s brother showering abuses to them as well as the pictures of his children’s wounds inflicted by her. 

He ended the note by apologising for the step he would be taking. “I wholeheartedly apologise to whoever has faced problems due to me.” He signed off saying, “But I am happy that now I would be staying with my mother.” 

Although the cause of death clearly points to a suicide by taking poison, the Deccan Gymkhana Police in Pune has recorded it as accidental death for the time being till the post-mortem report is out.  

Read Atul B Tapkir's suicide post on Facebook: