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Simran teaser: The quirky innocence of Kangana Ranaut fills you with delight

The teaser from Hansal Mehta's film shows Ranaut tapping into an almost 'Queen' like innnocence, and mischief. 

Shriram Iyengar

The teaser from Hansal Mehta's Simran is out, and it is one fun-filled glimpse into Kangana Ranaut's character in the film. The one minute long teaser has has Ranaut testing out a load of avatars. 

Ranaut plays a maid who gets wrapped up in the workings of the underworld. The teaser features her experiencing, perhaps, her first taste of the foreign land. Displaying an instantly likable innocence and mischief, Ranaut is shown trying out a range of wigs, and costumes (including the silver hair wig which was the first picture out from the film). 

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Sohum Shah, who is paired opposite the actress, makes an appearance in a blink and miss sequence at a restaurant. While the teaser has no dialogues, it does offer a glimpse into the happy go lucky life of Simran before things go wrong. 

Simran is the first collaboration between Hansal Mehta and Kangana Ranaut. The actress has also co-written the screenplay, and dialogues for the film. Simran is expected to arrive in theatres on 15 September. 

Watch the teaser here: