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What the official trailer of Riteish Deskhmukh's Bank Chor does not have, but deserves

The maker of Bank Chor have spoofed their own trailer, turning it into the trailer that the movie deserves.

Shriram Iyengar

The release of every film trailer these days results in the internet turning it into an immediate spoof. However, the makers of the Riteish Deshmukh-Vivek Oberoi-starrer, Bank Chor, have gone a step further and spoofed their own trailer. In fact, the spoof is so good, one is tempted to ask why the makers did not release it as the official trailer in the first place.

Bank Chor trailer:

To keep with the theme, Y-Films, the producer of Bank Chor, put out a spoof press release as well. Declaring that the reason behind the low key launch of the film was 'Barring Riteish Deshmukh and 2-3 of his Twitter friends, no one was excited about another film starring him in the lead. There was also no press conference or event because clearly, the makers of this “comedy” have no money left (#haisiyat),' the makers suggested they have created a spoof of their own trailer.

Bank Chor trailer: Funny take on YRF's Dhoom series

The spoof begins with a listing of the three actors who rejected the film (John Abraham, Hrithik Roshan, Aamir Khan) before it fell to the 'gareeb' Deshmukh. The video keeps up with the standard of Y-Films' hilarious web series style. Mocking Kapil Sharma (another choice) as 'Bewafa', the trailer goes on to list Oberoi as the 'Gareebon ka Singham', with Rhea 'Gareebon ki Shakira' Chakraborty, and two 'miscalleneous gareebs' adding to the cast.

The trailer calls Y-Films 'the makers of 3 films, but no one remembers them', adding to the hilarity of the entire video. From taunting Deshmukh to 'run back to Marathi movies', to his 'Banjo' and 'Behuda jokes', the trailer is a whole treasure chest for comedy.

One key character who features is Baba Sehgal, with a parody version of his own rapping. The trailer even marks him out as 'Gareebon ka Yo Yo Honey Singh'. From the looks of it, it certainly is 'A film no one wants to present'.

In the press release sent out with the trailer, Deshmukh says, "I’ve clearly made the biggest mistake of my life by agreeing to work on Bank Chor. I deeply regret it and apologise to all my 2-3 Twitter friends and any fans that still exist after my last few films." While Oberoi seems to take offense at the 'Poor man's Singham' title saying "How dare they call me ‘Gareebon ka Singham’? The shades I used were from my own collection and cost me Rs 343 taxes!"

The trailer is the brainchild of Nikhil Taneja with Gopal Dutt providing the hilarious voiceover. The trailer and has oodles of fun and comedy. If the film is anything close to this spoof, it might prove quite the sleeper hit at the box office.

Bank Chor is set to be released theatrically on 16 June.

Watch the Imandaar trailer here: