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Mirror Game trailer: Parvin Dabas, Pooja Batra feature in this confusing schizophrenic thriller

Debutante director Vijit Sharma's film combines chess, adultery, and mental illness to create a curious drama.

Shriram Iyengar

Debutante director Vijit Sharma's Mirror Game: Ab Khel Shuru marks the return of Pooja Batra to the big screen, with Parvin Dabas for company. The trailer of the film released on Wednesday contains an interesting mix of chess, adultery and schizophrenia to make up a thriller.

The trailer features Dabas as a professor of psychology in the US, struggling to balance his own mental stability with the adultery of his wife.

The trailer moves briskly as Dabas's character finds his wife missing, and the police suspecting him of the act. In addition, there is the case of a former student of the professor's who has gone missing as well.

Omi Vaidya plays the close friend and confidante who lends a sympathetic ear to his stories. Pooja Batra makes an appearance as the investigating psychiatriast assigned with the task of determining if the professor is a victim or a killer.

In all, Mirror Game makes for an interesting trailer. The film also marks the return of Batra, who was last seen in ABCD 2 (2015). The film is being directed by debutante director Sharma.

Mirror Game is produced by Icelerate Films, and is scheduled to hit the theatres on 2 June.