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NCP threatens to start shoe-throwing movement against Ram Gopal Varma

Nationalist Congress Party spokesperson Vidya Chavan slams the filmmaker for his controversial sexist tweet on International Women’s Day.

Mayur Lookhar

The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) has threatened to start a ‘joota maaro andolan’ (shoe throwing movement) against filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma if he doesn’t apologise for his controversial tweet on International Women's Day.

On Women’s Day, Varma created an online stir when he tweeted:

Confirming their proposed plan of action, NCP spokesperson Vidya Chavan told Cinestaan.com, “Yes, we intend to start a joota maaro andolan against Ram Gopal Varma. He shouldn’t have made such a comment. Sunny Leone is an actress and she gets paid for what she does. A common woman is no actress. They are happy with their basic jobs. Who is Varma to give the common women (bad) advice? He can perhaps advise women from his industry, but the common women don’t need it.”

Adding further, Chavan said, “What’s more disappointing is that he chose to make such a remark on International Women’s Day. He’s insulted not just us, but all women in the world. Besides he has absolutely no regret over his tweet.”

Chavan reiterated that her party will initiate a joota maaro andolan against Varma, and if needed, they will even complain to the National Commission for Women.  “We have been informed that he is not in the city now. We will initiate the joota maaro andolan once he is back in the city. We will even demand a ban on his films. We will take any action that falls within the ambit of our law. A mere apology is not enough, it is important that he gets punished for his conduct.”

It’s not just the NCP, but one social activist, Vishakha Mhambre has filed an FIR against the director in Goa. Varma then filed a countersuit against Mhambre. Remarkably, the filmmaker says that the activist has disrespected the 18 lakh followers of Sunny Leone.

Varma's next film, Sarkar 3 is set to be released on 7 April.