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Anushka Sharma takes reporter's mom's call in the middle of interview: Watch

As the Phillauri actress picked up a reporter's phone to answer her mom's call, only for the poor aunty to ask: 'Who is speaking?' 

Shriram Iyengar

Every once in a while, stars have the opportunity to turn the table on journalists. Anushka Sharma had one such moment at the press interactions for Phillauri in Mumbai. Answering a reporter's phone at the interview, Sharma discovered that some things in life remain the same. 

The incident begins with the Sharma noticing the ringing phone on the table in the middle of the press interaction. 'Mamma ka phone aa raha hai,' she points out before coolly picking up the phone and answering. In the hilarious conversation that follows, the Phillauri actress goes on to sweetly explain to the reporter's mother why her daughter is unable to pick up the phone. 

Sharma told the reporter's mother that her daughter was at an interview and will call back later. Funnily enough, it looked like aunty never realised it was Sharma speaking to her.

At one point, the lady seems to have asked the actress who her daughter was interviewing. Amused, Sharma had to clarify, "She is interviewing me. Anushka Sharma." Needless to say, the entire conversation had the rest of the present media in splits. Even Diljit Dosanjh looked quite amused at Sharma's antics. She continued to sweetly talk to the aunty at the other end, convincing her that she will receive a callback. 

While the conversation itself was hilarious enough, it was the reporter's mother who had the last laugh. Putting down the phone, Sharma relayed the last word saying "Aunty said 'Give the phone back to her, beta.'" Well, aunty has got her priorities right. 

While Sharma's impromptu gesture painted an adorable picture of the actress, one can only imagine the poor reporter's embarrassment or excitement.