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Ram Gopal Varma files counter complaint against activist over Sunny Leone tweet 

A social activist filed an FIR against the Satya director citing his tweet on Leone on International Women's Day. The director has now filed a counter FIR against the same activist. 

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Our Correspondent

Ram Gopal Varma knows his way around Twitter, a little too well apparently. The director came under flak for his recent tweet on International Women's Day asking women to give 'as much happiness as Sunny Leone has'. The tweet opened a Pandora's box with a number of Twitter users taking offense to the director's statement. 

Here is the tweet by Varma: 

The director clarified that he believed Leone 'has more honesty and more self-respect than any woman', which stoked the fire further. Soon, the Sarkar 3 director's timeline was inundated with abuse and trolling. 

One activist, Vishakha Mhambre, even filed an FIR against the director in Goa. Not one to take it lying down, the director threatened to file a counter FIR.

Mhambre had demanded in her FIR complaint that Varma be booked under Indecent Representation of Women (Representation) Act, 1986. She has also suggested that the director's Twitter account be blocked. 

The Twitter battle had already taken on a political colour when NCP MLA Jitendra Awhad entered the fray. 

Varma even warned the politician of complaining to NCP chief Sharad Pawar. He wrote:

The director also hinted that he might be working on a short film detailing Leone's life. He wrote: 

Varma recently ran down Tiger Shroff on the actor's birthday when he called on Shroff to stop doing 'gay' poses. When it comes to Varma, no one is safe.