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Kangana Ranaut: Film industry is not a small studio given to Karan Johar by his father

The actress has slammed Johar for his 'victim card' comment, among others.

Our Correspondent

It looks like the battle between Kangana Ranaut and Karan Johar will go on for a while. Johar recently lambasted the actress while speaking at the London School of Economics for playing the ‘woman card’ and ‘victim card.’ He also attacked her for calling him ‘flag-bearer of nepotism’ and ‘movie mafia’ on his TV show, Koffee With Karan.  

But the matter seems to have escalated further. In an interview with a daily, Ranaut has come down heavily on Johar.

Johar had mocked Ranaut saying that he hadn't given her work. The Queen actress reminded him that she has worked with him once. “His memory appears to be poor because we worked together in a movie (Ungli), which was produced by him. And quickly realised our sensibilities did not match,” she said. 

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Johar had boasted of giving Ranaut a platform. To this, she said that it was his team that chased her to appear on Koffee With Karan. "I'm also at a loss to understand how he gave me a platform by inviting me to be on his show. I’ve been on several platforms before with several global icons. To say he helped me voice my opinions is to discredit me as an artiste and a public personality. And, I think, it should be added here that I was invited to be a part of the show in its fifth season. His team requested my team for months for my dates,” she added. 

On Johar's 'woman card’ and ‘victim card’ taunt, Ranaut said, “Why is Karan Johar trying to shame a woman for being a woman? What is this about the ‘woman card’ and the ‘victim card’? This kind of talk is demeaning to all women, particularly the vulnerable because they are the ones who really need to use them.”

She said she uses several cards and her fight is not against the filmmaker, “I use every card possible. At the workplace, it's the badass card to fight cut-throat competition. With my family and loved ones, it’s the love card. When fighting the world, it's the dignity card, and for a seat in a bus, it's the woman card. What is important to understand is that we are not fighting people, we are fighting a mentality. I am not fighting Karan Johar, I am fighting male chauvinism.” Ranaut also mentioned Johar's newly-born daughter, Roohi while defending herself. “Now that Karan is the father of a little daughter, he should provide her with all these cards,” she said. 

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Johar had also spoekn about not editing the portions where Ranaut had ‘insulted’ him. The actress hit back at this, too, reminding him that he is just a host. “While I'd have blacklisted the channel if something like that had happened, let’s also remember that a channel wants TRPs, and he is just a paid host.”

Ranaut's fiercest attack came when she tried proving that Johar is not a big shot. “Also, the Indian film industry is not a small studio given to Karan by his father when he was in his early 20s. That is just a small molecule.”

Johar had asked Ranaut to leave the industry if she considers it to be so bad. The actress ended her verbal assault by hitting back on this point. “He is nobody to tell me to leave it. I’m definitely not going anywhere, Mr Johar,” she signed off.