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Vikramaditya Motwane requests theatres to have no interval for Trapped

The director does not want to break the flow of the survival thriller.

Suparna Thombare

Vikramaditya Motwane's Trapped, starring Rajkummar Rao, has a runtime of just 100 minutes. Considering that it is an edge-of-the-seat survival thriller, an interval could break the flow of the film, which of short duration in any case. Speaking to Cinestaan.com, Motwane said he is hoping the interval will be cancelled for his film. "We are trying not to have one. We don't need an interval," he said.

Trapped revolves around a man who is trapped inside his high-rise apartment in Mumbai for 20 days without food and electricity. 

Theatres are generally not in favour of cancelling the interval for commercial reasons, but a film like Trapped is a special case. The thriller is supposed to make the audience feel as trapped in that apartment as the protagonist for the duration of the film. Motwane is currently negotiating with theatre owners to run the movie without a break. "I am talking to the theatres and hoping they will agree," he said.

"You can buy popcorn at the beginning of the film and take a bathroom break after the film is over," the filmmaker said, hoping audiences will be completely engrossed.

Trapped opened to great reviews last year at the MAMI (Mumbai Academy of the Moving Image) festival and the theatrical release will have almost the same version as shown at the festival. Trapped will be released in theatres on 17 March.