Happy Whatever: Kriti Sanon shares an eye-opening video on Women’s Day

The Dilwale actress has smartly used her expressions in a video to draw attention to a pressing issue.

Keyur Seta

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, a number of actresses in the Hindi cinema are either celebrating the day or sharing inspirational messages or both. But it seems Kriti Sanon believes in not following the crowd. 

The Heropanti actress has shared a hard-hitting message on the occasion through a video on social media. In the video, she uses the placard-holding method, recently made famous by Gurmehar Kaur who was in the news last week.

Sanon's message starts off with a Women’s Day wish. But slowly changes track. It shows a mirror to the society with respect to how women are treated even in 2017. She has specifically thrown light on how women are told what to wear and how streets are still unsafe for them. 

The actress has smartly used her expressions. For example, during the start, she has a sweet smile, but her expressions quickly change.  

Her message might appear rude to some. But it seems her objective is to make sure women are treated well not just for one day in a year. 

Watch the video: