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Phillauri video: Anushka Sharma tells the story of a generation gap in her love 

In the latest video from the makers of Phillauri, Sharma's spirit talks about the changing nature of love as she experiences it 100 years later. 

Shriram Iyengar

Anushka Sharma is getting into the Phillauri spirit, quite literally. In the latest video from the makers of the film, the actress voices over her 'spirit's experiences about love in the past generation and her current one. 

A quirky video featuring Sharma opens with the spirit of Shashi describing love in the past generations. She says, "When I was alive, it was a different time. Things were simple." The spirit then goes on to describe how the perception of love has changed over time. Shashi points out that all you needed then was your family, friends and one person who loved you to say 'Hamaari life complete hai'. 

Sharma, as herself, explains that the idea of love is different for different people. She says, "I feel love remains the same. If there is love, there is. You cannot place conditions. It is a universal concept." The producer goes on to explain Shashi's confusion with the changing interpersonal relationships in the new era. 

The video skips over the vanishing of Diljit Dosanjh's character by simply describing 'Then, something happened, and years passed'. This leads us to think there might be more to the story than is revealed. The voiceover continues into Shashi's journey into the new millennium. As she sees it 'People still need family, love, and friendship, but I wonder why they have complicated their lives so much."

Sharma explains, "If you transport a 100-year-old person to the present day, obviously she will find everything very strange. Suddenly, there are lights everywhere, mobile phones... I guess there is a cultural shock that she experiences is very funny." 

While Shashi battles with her new 'interesting' family, she also has to deal with a 'hubby' who is afraid of her. The video, though quirky, is even more interesting for having it's 100-year-old spirit speak in a blend of Hindi and English. 

It looks like Phillauri might have a few surprises up its sleeve. Directed by Anshai Lal, Phillauri will arrive in theatres on 24 March.