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Govinda Govinda chant beats violently through 'Angry Mix' track from Sarkar 3

Sukhwinder and Mika sing in their traditional style and the song has gripping, psychedelic music, but the average lyrics take the sting out of the track.

Mayur Lookhar

Ram Gopal Varma’s crime thrillers boast of a few good numbers too with Company (2002) swaying to the tunes of 'Ganda Hai' and the psychedelic 'Khallas'.

RGV, as Varma is popularly known, had different versions of the Govinda Govinda chant in Sarkar (2005) and Sarkar Raj (2008), so it was inevitable that he would create one for Sarkar 3 as well. While the previous versions involved Kailash Kher, Bapi, Tutul, Janaki and even Amitabh Bachchan, the new Govinda chant is sung in the powerful voices of Sukhwinder Singh and Mika Singh.

Titled 'Angry Mix', the track is basically to justify the film's tagline of 'angrier than ever before'. So lyricist Rohit Teotia has listed the things that make 'Sarkar' Subhash Nagre angrier than before – crime, corruption, inept governance, and tainted NGOs. The lyrics, however, are pedestrian, taking the sting out of the track.

What works for 'Angry Mix', though, is its gripping, psychedelic music (by Southern music director Ravi Shanker) that will be soothing to the target audience. The intro music beating from 0.25 seconds partly reminds you of the 'Khallas' track, it is quickly followed by the Govinda Govinda chant in the powerful voice of Sukhwinder Singh. The singer dives deep into this track, his groans aptly justifying the ticking anger of Nagre. Singh is not averse to such a style, having sung tracks like the 'Jaan Leva' remix from Moksha (2001), 'Hud Hud Dabangg' from Dabangg (2010) and the title track of Omkara (2006).

Sukhwinder and Mika Singh have collaborated before, notably on the popular 'Ibn-e-Batuta' track from Ishqiya (2010), but the duo will silently agree that 'Angry Mix' is not their greatest duet. In fact, Mika is a total letdown. The duo had also collaborated on the poor 'Unke Nashe Main' from Shootout At Lokhandwala (2007). Clearly, the two Singhs have been let down by poor lyrics in songs from the two crime thrillers.

Nevertheless, 'Angry Mix' offers a variety of visuals which only build intrigue around Sarkar 3. Nagre’s anger is shown like a ticking time bomb while Yami Gautam yet again makes you wonder which side of the fence she is on.

The music and Sukhwinder Singh’s voice will keep the audience interested in 'Angry Mix'. Click here to watch the video. Don't lose your cool though.