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Mirza Juuliet trailer: This romantic triangle is all confusion, no emotion

The trailer of Rajesh Ram Singh's Mirza Juuliet is a wacky preview to his first film.

Shriram Iyengar

Mirza Juuliet's trailer has arrived, and it might leave quite a few cinephiles scratching their heads. Rajesh Ram Singh's film stars Darshan Kumar, Piaa Bajpai and Chandan Roy Sanyal as the protagonists of this love story set in what looks like Rajasthan. While the film's title and theme carry references to the legendary romances of Mirza-Sahibaan and Romeo-Juliet, the trailer fails to convince the audience of the presence of any deeper emotion. 

The story revolves around the characters of Mirza, Juuliet, and Rajan (played by Darshan Kumar, Bajpai and Roy Sanyal, respectively) who are caught in their own world of love, lust and romance. Bajpai looks out of place as the rustic Juliet who is not afraid of using her sex appeal to get what she wants. She is hardly convincing as a girl from the rough-and-tumble north of India. Roy Sanyal brings a whole level of wackiness to the trailer with his portrayal of the horny Rajan. In his second outing, Darshan Kumar looks uncomfortable as the naive Romeo, who finds himself trapped in the politics of love. 

While the film's title is a giveaway to its possible story, the trailer comes across as confusing. The unimpressive dialogue delivery by Bajpai and Darshan Kumar add to the flaws of the trailer. 

Mirza Juuliet is directed by Rajesh Ram Singh and produced by Green Apple Media in association with Falansha Media Private Limited. The film is scheduled for a theatrical release on 14 April.