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'Naughty Billo' making: Why the Phillauri song made Anushka Sharma want to leave the country

In the making-of video, the actress reveals the scariest part of shooting the party song in Anshai Lal's film.

Shriram Iyengar

Anushka Sharma's Phillauri is set to be released next week, but its music is already hitting the top charts. While the songs sound like a lot of fun, they were not easy. As the making video of 'Naughty Billo' reveals, the song almost made Anushka Sharma feel like leaving the country. 

The promotional song composed by Shashwat Sachdev has both the Punjabi rhythm and a wonderfully choreographed dance going for it. As Sharma describes it: "We've tried to keep the Indianness and Punjabi-ness, but then we went Western." Her co-star Diljit Dosanjh even appreciated Sachdev's ability to combine the Punjabi track with a Western groove. Sachdev says, "We kept the Punjabi lyrics, but added a Western funk groove to it. But hote hote it went in a direction that it looks like a full-fledged Punjabi song."

While no one knows why the song is named 'Naughty Billo' (not even lyricist Anvita Dutt), it does have Sharma belting out some rap verses. Sharma reveals that she was scared before recording it. She says, "Rap karne ke liye aapko ek natural hip-hop swag hona hota hai."

The funniest part is watching Sharma's embarrassment in trying to rap the verses. At one point, she just gives up, saying, "I don't want to sing." It took a fair bit of convincing by composer Sachdev before Sharma got rapping again. Thereafter, in fact, the actress loved it.

She says, "It went from me wanting to leave the city, leave the country... leave the earth to enjoying it so much that I wanted to do some more." 

The actress was also all praise for co-star and singer Dosanjh, saying, "His voice is amazing." 

As for the rap, it looks like Badshah might have competition soon.