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Noor poster: Sonakshi Sinha adds zing to this quirky fun poster 

The latest poster from Sinha-starrer Noor has her play the confused journalist trying to figure a way to set her messed up life straight.

Shriram Iyengar

Sonakshi Sinha's turn as Noor, the journalist, is looking to be a game-changer this year. Sunhil Sippy's film has Sinha playing a carefree, confused and busybody journalist in Mumbai. The teaser of the film set the tone with its quirky satire, and Sinha seems to be a perfect fit. The latest poster from the film, released hours before its first trailer, seems to be another bit of quirky genius from the makers of the film. 

From the first glance, it is easy to that see Noor does not have an easy life. Working as a journalist in Mumbai, Noor Roy Choudhary is running the rat race. Designed along the lines of the front page of a tabloid, the poster has some great bits going for it. From its tagline of 'Mumbai, you're killing me', to the confused face of Sinha, it will leave you smiling. Other than being confused about her relationship choices (the poster also features Purab Kohli and Kanan Gill playing the two men in Noor's life), she is also dealing with some 'weighty' issues. One prominent tag on the poster reads 'I'm fat. I hate my life', while another reads 'Meri weight mere Twitter followers se zyaada hai.' Before fans can get offended, Noor's Twitter followers amount to a paltry 57. No wonder, she is angry about it.

The poster also has a tiny clipping of Sinha posing with a cigarette dangling off her mouth and a gun in her hand. As a journalist, Noor is likely to enter some dangerous zones, but this clipping stands as an odd one out in a hilarious poster and sets up Sinha's character as one to watch out for. With the trailer set to release in a couple of hours, the excitement for this quirky film is just building up. 

Noor is directed by Sunhil Sippy, and is set for theatrical release on 21 April.